Scientific Integrity - An International Symposium

Scientific Integrity

An International Symposium

November 23, 1995
Warsaw - Poland


Session I
Problems of research integrity

  • T. Żółtowski, Director, Directorate for Education, Science, Environment & Social Programs; Undersecretary of State for Foreign Assistance and European Integration, Council of Ministers,
    Integration of Polish Scientific Sector with the European Union as an Element of the Pre-accession Strategy

  • Paul J. Freedman, M.D., Professor of Radiology, Dean for Academic Affairs, University of California, San Diego, USA,
    Maintaining Research Integrity by Distinguishing Good, Bad, and Dishonest Research Practices

  • Stephen Lock, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, London, UK,
    Scientific Dishonesty: the European Experience

  • Daniel Steiner, LL.B, John Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Boston, USA,
    Competing Interests: The Need to Control Conflict of Interest in Research

Session II
Reliability of Clinical Research

  • Eigill F. Hvidberg, National Board of Health, Copenhagen, Denmark,
    Good Clinical Practice in the European Community

  • Sven-Erik Westerbergh, Clinical Quality Assurance, Astra AB ,Sweden,
    Quality Assurance of Clinical Research

  • Marcin Walter, Astra Clinical Research Unit, Central Europe,
    International Rquirements in Monitoring Clinical Studies

  • Carole Caswell, Astra International Medical Services, London, UK,
    Statistical Approach to the Monitoring of Quality in Clinical Research

Session III

  • Joost P.H. Drenth, University Hospital, Nijmegen, The Netherlands,
    Authorship Proliferation in Medicine

  • K. Gibiński, Polish Academy of Sciences,
    Development of the Polish Movement for Ethics in Science and in Medicine

  • J. Doroszewski, Centre for Postgraduate Medical Education,
    Ethical Aspects of Proving and Spreading of Scientific Discoveries

  • J. Jeliaszewicz, State Institute of Hygiene,
    Science Integrity and Fair Citation in Scientific Literature

  • K. Madej, Supreme Medical Council,
    New Concepts for Assuming Integrity of Medical Research in Poland

  • T. Tołłoczko, Warsaw Medical School,
    Muddles in Academic Freedom and Excellence